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Angling Adventures Charter Boat

Angling Adventures can get you safely to remote places accessible via only the water. When you book your Lake Superior charter boat with Angling Adventures, you'll view thriving wildlife and fascinating sights very few people ever chance to see in a lifetime. Our Lake Michigan charter boats can expose you to prolific and fascinating nature hideaways or history-rich cultural sites in a way that stimulates and inspires the imagination.


Design the adventure of a lifetime with Angling Adventures for an exclusive experience. Every trip with Angling Adventures is tailor-made to your specifications. Is there a place you want to go that isn't listed? Call us and we'll be happy to coordinate a custom, unforgettable excursion on the Angling Adventures charter boat.

Apostle Islands

The Jewels of Lake Superior

Do you want to adventure into the archipelago we call the Apostle Islands? This unique area offers 22 islands with lighthouses, brownstone quarries, lumber camps, farms, fish...

Door County

Cherries, Apples, & Fish – Oh, My!

The picturesque, charming coastal towns of Door County boast distinctive shopping experiences and unique wares. In addition to breathtaking views and homey accommodations throughout...

Green Bay

Miles of Shoreline & Shopping

The bay of Green Bay has long been a destination for avid walleye fishermen and it’s no surprise why; this body of water holds great numbers of “eater”-sized walleyes as well trophy-...

Isle Royale

The Ultimate Angling Adventures Experience

We'll be offering Isle Royale trips in 2023! Call us soon to book your dates because we expect our schedule for this popular destination to fill up fast. (715) 923-2025

Isle Royale, continued

What Angling Adventures Offers at Isle Royale


Sitting on a dock at night, listening to the loons sing and watching the Northern Lights dance across the sky. You reminisce on the day’s big catch, dreaming of tomorrow's new adventure!

Lake Superior

Gitchee Gumee

Lake Superior is both an amazing fishery and an Adventurer’s dream!...

Stannard Rock

A Complex Reef System & An Engineering Marvel

Stannard Rock is named after Charles Stannard who is credited with discovering the reef in 1835. Stannard Rock marks the location of a complex reef system approximately...

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