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Lake Superior

Gitchee Gumee

Lake Superior

Lake Superior is both an amazing fishery and an Adventurer’s dream!

January - March | Winter on Lake Superior

Sometime between the end of December and the beginning of January, we start ice fishing on Lake Superior for near-shore varieties of trout, burbot, splake, salmon, and whitefish! As our ice grows, we venture farther and farther chasing lake trout. At the same time, we also provide guided ice cave and ice formations tours!

March - June

As soon as the ice goes out and we can get a boat in the water, we target near-shore trout, salmon, and splake. This bite remains good into june in most areas until the fish to transition into deeper water.

July - September

This is our best fishing and weather window!

As summer sets in and our water temperatures rise, lake trout become our main target. During this time, we also offer guided trips all over Lake Superior as this is the most popular time for Adventures of all kinds in and around the Great Lakes. Check out our Isle Royale, Door County, and Apostle Islands offerings for more Adventure information.


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