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Stannard Rock

A Complex Reef System & An Engineering Marvel

Stannard Rock

Stannard Rock is named after Charles Stannard who is credited with discovering the reef in 1835. Stannard Rock marks the location of a complex reef system approximately forty miles offshore from Marquette, Michigan to the south and 25 miles from Keweenaw Point west of the Stannard Rock lighthouse. The remoteness of its location has given Stannard Rock the name "The Loneliest Place in North America".

The lighthouse that stands 102 feet above the navigational hazard is named one of the “Top 10 Engineering Feats” in the United States by the National Park Service! It is also the farthest lighthouse from shore in the entire country and has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1971.

As if the history and sight of this lighthouse aren’t enough, Stannard Rock lake trout make this among the most sought after lake trout fishing destinations in the world! When you head to Stannard Rock with Angling Adventures, you can be sure you are going to have a great day of fishing! 

Stannard Rock Trophy Fishing

Whether Stannard Rock trophy fishing or simply enjoying some laid-back Stannard Rock fishing, you can expect high numbers of fish with some large 15-20 pound fish mixed in, however any cast could produce a fish over 30 pounds!

Because of how remote and exposed Stannard Rock is, this trip is very weather-dependent. If the weather doesn't allow for a safe trip, we will take advantage of the great nearshore fishery and you’ll be charged only the nearshore rate.


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